Reflective Friends: Learning Together

“We learn more, think differently, and do better when we have regular access to others who help us reflect on our craft and discover new opportunities.”  Kristin Ziemke

Our next round of Reflective Friends is coming in February! This round is new and improved, and our Innovation Centers will be taking on the leadership! We will be observing, reflecting, and going deeper together through the lens of our “EPS Essentials of Personalized Learning: Progressions” document.

Here’s how this round will work:  ALP (Advanced Learning Partnership) Leader Gaynell Lyman will be coming to your school on your first scheduled Reflective Friends date to facilitate. You and/or your leadership team will participate. The following day(s), you (and/or your leadership team) will take the helm, leading others through the EPS Reflective Friends experience. As your dates near, you will want to take a close look at the Reflective Friends Planning Guide for IC Schools. Be sure to call or email Gaynell <>  919.260.9680 or Ruth <>  4260 if you have any questions or if we can support or help in any way.


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