Hapara Teacher Dashboard Available

We are beginning to implement a tool to help teachers manage the use of technology in their classrooms. Hapara Teacher Dashboard helps schools and teachers use Google Apps in the classroom by providing structure, visibility, and ease of use across the entire Google Apps suite. Specifically Teacher Dashboard provides a management solution for keeping track of student activity while using devices in the Chrome environment. In addition, the Dashboard provides several management tools including the ability to push out web pages to students, or to “focus” a student’s browsing only to specific websites chosen by the teacher.

In the fall we started a pilot with six schools to provide access to Hapara for teachers and teacher librarians using Chromebooks in their classrooms. With the anticipated arrival of a large number of Chromebooks for our innovation schools, studio classrooms, and pilot classrooms, we are making this platform available district wide. Our rationale is that as devices are being rolled out, we want to provide our teachers and administrators with a tool to help with management of the devices.

While our initial focus of support will be on studio, pilot, and Innovation Center classrooms receiving class sets of Chromebooks, Hapara will also be available to all classroom teachers utilizing Google Apps via Chrome. Our EdTech team is ready to help support teachers as they begin to utilize this tool in their classrooms. If your building is interested in receiving support for Hapara, please let us know by accessing the form below. Link to form

Teachers can begin to access Teacher Dashboard at the link below. In addition, academic coaches and administrators also have access to this tool. http://teacherdashboard.com

Additional Hapara Resources, including tutorials, videos, and handouts can be found at the Hapara Support Pages.

Please share this information with your teachers. We look forward to helping you and your teachers utilize this powerful tool for personalization.



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