Find and Create K-12 Social Studies Inquiries with IDM: Inquiry Design Model

K-12 Teachers of Social Studies:

While we have known for some time that an inquiry-based approach to social studies (and well, probably anything) is likely to result in a deeper, more engaging learning experience, we also know that good inquiry tasks are hard to find and time-consuming to make from scratch. The IDM: Inquiry Design Model website aims to address these two problems.

A course has just been added to ITS Learning that will guide you through the quality resources available on the IDM: Inquiry Design Model website. the course is open to all so all you need to do is “find more courses” in ITS Learning and the search for “IDM”.

Twelve free clock hours are available but the learning experience is salable so if you just want an overview you can skip some of the tasks (of course, if you do that you won’t earn all of the clock hours). 

The course is open until the end of June and you can start at any time and work at your own pace.

Contact Ryan Theodoriches ( or district extension 4568) if you have any questions about the course. 


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