Science and Social Studies Resources

Three great online supplemental resources from Scholastic for supporting science and social studies are available to teachers in Evergreen Public Schools through ClassLink in the Libraries/Ebooks/Research folder:

TrueFlix: Aimed students in grades 3-5, this resource provides informational text for both science and social studies. Students pick a topic and can then see a short video, read an ebook, and engage in some guided activities.trueflix

FreedomFlix: This resource provides video clips, ebooks, and activities aimed at supporting U.S. History and the development of the underpinnings of modern democracy.freedomflix

ScienceFlix: Students can access videos and articles on a huge range of science topics. Many of the articles have three separate reading levels, but the site is aimed at students between grades 5 and 9. scienceflix

For all three Flix products, students do not have individual logins. No data is stored between sessions, and teachers will not receive score reports for any activity.

Have you been using either of these resources with your students? Have any feedback? Let us know in the comments!


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