“Take 5” for self-reflection

Ask yourself, “How’s it going?”, How often do you allow yourself to sit down quietly and reflect on how your practice is impacting your students? It is easy to get caught up in the seemingly endless hamster-wheel of planning and teaching our lessons day to day. Do you allow yourself quiet and focused time to reflect? You may be surprised at how just reflecting five minutes per week can impact your practice.

Linked here: 2015-teacher-reflection-protocol-writable-a, is a tried and true method for reflection that can help you improve your Sheltered Instruction practices (based on SIOP research) and help you feel more focused and productive in your classroom. Use the attached checklist and guiding questions to start a cycle of reflection and focus that will support all students in comprehension and language development. See if you can make it a weekly habit to “Take 5” to reflect.

Learn more about SIOP Model practices by contacting me about Professional Development opportunities.

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