Excitement at Shahala…8th Grade Math!

All six of our middle schools are piloting Illustrative Mathematics, an Open Educational Resource (OER), that strives to make math more meaningful, understandable and doable. The authors of Illustrative Mathematics believe that “critical to students’ success in life is their ability to think about unfamiliar problems that they don’t yet know how to solve”.

Debbie Steffen and Carey Doyle were asked if a video crew from Open Up Resources could spend time in their eighth grade classes capturing the incredible teaching and learning that is resulting from the intentional use of this curriculum. They, their students and their instructional coach, Melina Dyer, are highlighted on  Open Up Resources. Once you access this website, scroll down to see pictures of Debbie, Carey and their students at work. Click on Math Curriculum to see the video of the awesomeness occurring in their classrooms!

Thank you to all three for ‘daring greatly’ and giving others an opportunity to learn from your learning.


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