The New Newsela

Image result for newselaTeachers across the nation have been aware of Newsela as a solid resource for leveled texts (texts at different reading levels with the same basic content) about current events for years. This is great for teachers looking for contemporary content but not so helpful for teachers of history. If you are a teacher of history, it’s time to give Newsela another look.

Over the last several months (maybe a year) Newsela has added content of interest to teachers of history such as leveled primary sources, text sets built around themes, biographies, famous speeches, and more. While the library of historical resources is not very deep yet, it is growing and includes resources aligned to world history and U.S. history content as well as  geography and government and economics.

Newsela offers access to their content with a free registration. They also over a premium version called Newsela Pro which adds some features.


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