Normalizing Math Discussions Outside Of The Classroom

log truck

How many logs are stacked on the bed of the truck? How did you count? 

Fact is, we’ve all been stuck with this view, and more likely the first question that comes to mind is, “How soon can I get around this truck?”

Which is the better deal? How many caramels come in a pound? 

caramel comparison

What do you notice in this picture? What do you wonder?


We encounter math every day in a variety of situations, however it is rare that it is brought up in every day conversations within the homes of our students.

So…how do we get parents involved? Gain interest in talking about math without feeling intimidated? Start conversations with their children that construct understanding and number sense? John Stevens (@jstevens009) is working to foster these exact kind of discussions within the home in his new text Table Talk Math. If you are looking for a resource to support family involvement in the area of mathematics, look no further. This inviting text provides parent assistance in understanding how to support math fluency, provides prompts to discuss mathematics and build number sense in an informal and enjoyable way.

table talk math.JPG

Subscribe to John’s site for free newsletters to promote math conversations (many available in Spanish).



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