Digital Badges and Self-Paced Professional Learning

 EdTech is very excited to try something new this spring with the hopes of growing a small idea into something grand and exciting.  We are designing self-paced professional development courses that allow you to select what you want to learn,  learn it, and then apply it to your practice.  Once you have learned about a digital tool, had the opportunity to implement your new learning, and reflected on the process, you will receive clock hours and a digital badge.

We realize that not everyone is motivated by digital badges, but we are seeing them more and more in various places.  I feel a pang of disappointment when I don’t get my level-up badge in Soda Crush and I work at keeping my Gold Card status at Starbucks.  That is not for everyone, but professional learning is.  Even if the digital badge is not an incentive, this different structure may be enough to sway you.

According to Jennifer Gibson of  PD Learning Network:

The field of education puts a strong emphasis on credentials earned from the traditional seat time, direct-instruction model. Currently, there is not an industry-wide system for recognizing ongoing professional development and/or acquisition of applicable skills. It has been more about taking classes than demonstrating mastery. Teachers want the opportunity to drive their own learning and have meaningful ways to express their competency. Districts want to support teachers who take initiative with their professional development, but they also want to be sure that seat time has resulted in learning.

Asynchronous professional learning that offers teachers the opportunity to select what they learn about and how they apply their new learning is what EdTech is trying to provide through our Self-Paced Professional Learning.  We hope to engage you in this exciting adventure that could change the way we offer professional learning.

You can find additional information and links to our spring course offerings at the EPS EdTech Professional Learning site.  Check back often to find new additions to our course offerings and additional EdTech resources.


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