Google Cast for Wireless Projection

As educators we understand the importance of modeling in the classroom.  In addition to modeling, we want to celebrate the creativity and problem solving of our students.  At times, we run into challenges with sharing while using devices in the classroom.  Google Cast can be the solution if your students are working on a Chromebook. Google Cast

Google Cast allows you to share content from any Chromebook in the classroom to the teacher’s device and be projected on the screen.   Students can quickly share their work on the screen and be able to ask their peers for guidance, share a strategy, or showcase a final product.  This is done by setting up Google Cast on the classroom teacher’s device and the student selecting cast on their device.  Also, a teacher can grab an extra Chromebook, log in and be mobile while teaching and projecting.

EPS EdTech has created a handout showing how to set up and use Google Cast.  At the bottom of the handout, there is a link to a video that explains Google Cast and the steps necessary to set up the cast.


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