Secondary Student Password Reset Info

All District secondary staff who work with students, please note:

All student network account passwords will have been RESET (as of 8/30/2017) for the start of the 2017-2018 school year. Students will need to choose a new password before proceeding to use District computers or account services. This year, students can use District-owned Chromebooks as well as Windows computers to set their passwords.

Please SEE the tips at for information about setting student passwords using a Chromebook.

In brief, here’s how:

* Open the Chromebook and (without logging in!) select Apps from the lower left, then “Evergreen Update Password”

* Enter the student’s email address (like

* The OLD password will be the default – the student’s birthdate in 8-digit format (MMDDYYYY).

* Enter the NEW password the same way in both boxes below (the new password must match, and must be complex enough to satisfy the usual requirements)

* There’s a Help button at the top of this screen in case you get stuck.


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