Panorama: Measuring and Supporting SEL

We have a number of assessments in place to measure and help support students’ academic learning, but that’s only one component of student growth. What about social and emotional learning (SEL)? How will we measure and support student growth in non-academic areas that are so crucial to both academic learning and life in general? How do we increase student voice in the work we do in schools?


Panorama Education | Supporting Student Success

Introducing Panorama – a suite of new surveys and supports for promoting SEL within Evergreen Public Schools. Last spring, students in grades 3 – 12 had the opportunity to participate in school climate surveys. This year, students will participate in two SEL measures throughout the year in addition to a spring climate survey, allowing us to monitor growth and look at specific interventions to improve our students’ experiences within our schools.

Social-Emotional Learning | Panorama Education

By involving students directly in assessing and reflecting on SEL, teachers and school leaders will have a clearer sense of what is working for students, where we can improve, and how we can make those improvements.

As with academic assessments, no single tool will meet all of our needs. Using multiple measures is always a best practice. A few of our other measures for SEL this year include: a staff climate survey through Panorama, a survey of parents and the community later this school year, examining student behaviors through SWIS, and monitoring attendance data.

Interested in moving forward with SEL efforts in your classroom right now? Consider checking out one of these posts:


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