Math Intervention Supports on EPS Math

On the Home Page for EPS Math, you will find our Unit Plans (K-5) from our Scope and Sequence, 3 Act Task libraries, and a brand new Number Routine resource folder.  If you scroll down just a bit farther, you also will find you have access to supplementary resources from LearnZillion.  There are full units and lesson plans (K-8) in English and Spanish.  There are also summative assessments for the LearnZillion units. And if you are looking for ways to intervene for students that are struggling in math, you might want to check out the Math Instructional Videos link.

blog learnzillion

The Math Instructional Videos are based on standards from grades 2-8, and are broken down into the critical math areas for each grade level. These videos can be assigned to individual students, small groups, or an entire class.  The teacher can display the video, or students can access from their device.  One of the great things about these videos is that teachers have access to all grades. For example,  a fifth grade teacher in the middle of a multiplication unit, might have  students that are performing lower in the progression of multiplication than fifth grade standard.  That teacher can use 4th, 3rd or even 2nd grade instructional videos to intervene based on student need.

These LearnZillion supplements are provided for you to enhance our core EPS K-5 math curriculum.


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