Clever Badges Now Recommend for Use with iPads

The following information was shared with Elementary Academic Coaches and Elementary Teacher Librarians…
Recently we shared with you Classlink QuickCards (QR Code based login) as a method for younger students to easily log into apps for use on our iPads. Unfortunately, we have discovered some inconsistencies with Classlink Cards not logging students out of apps, thus causing the possibility of a student not being logged out when another student logs into Classlink on the iPad.
Clever Badges Recommended
Because of this inconsistency, we are no longer recommending the use of Classlink QuickCards with our student iPads. We are now suggesting that students utilize Clever Badges as the preferred method for accessing curricular tools on the iPad.
When using Clever Badges, it is important to remind students to log out of any apps they have opened using the badges and to also log out of Clever when finished.
Printing Clever Badges
For information on printing Clever Badges, please follow the link below.
Teachers can access Clever for Evergreen here:
Classlink Quick Cards and Chromebooks Working Properly
For those using Chromebooks, Classlink Quickcards continue to work properly and should be used to log younger students into Chromebooks. 

Jennifer LaGarde

During the week of September 18-22, Jennifer LaGarde visited several Evergreen libraries and also lead a professional development session with our elementary teacher librarians. She finished up on Friday afternoon with a visit to the Mountain View High School library. Below is a reflection she recorded after her visit.

Jennifer LaGarde Working With Evergreen Teacher Librarians

We are happy to share with you that Jennifer LaGarde will be working with us this year helping to support the work of our Teacher Librarians. Jennifer is a nationally recognized school librarian and she works with school districts around the country providing professional development and planning support. We are please to have Jennifer working with us throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

This week Jennifer is visiting 9 of our schools, and will be helping to lead our elementary teacher librarian Job-a-Like meeting on Wednesday afternoon.



Hapara and Google Classroom Sync

Over the summer our IT department has made some changes to Hapara and how classrooms are rostered in this tool. We now roster via Google Classroom. This new method helps us avoid  a few issues that we encountered with too many folders being created in a student’s Google Drive.

We have created a handout that walks you through the steps.

How to Access Your Classrooms in Hapara…


Secondary Student Password Reset Info

All District secondary staff who work with students, please note:

All student network account passwords will have been RESET (as of 8/30/2017) for the start of the 2017-2018 school year. Students will need to choose a new password before proceeding to use District computers or account services. This year, students can use District-owned Chromebooks as well as Windows computers to set their passwords.

Please SEE the tips at for information about setting student passwords using a Chromebook.

In brief, here’s how:

* Open the Chromebook and (without logging in!) select Apps from the lower left, then “Evergreen Update Password”

* Enter the student’s email address (like

* The OLD password will be the default – the student’s birthdate in 8-digit format (MMDDYYYY).

* Enter the NEW password the same way in both boxes below (the new password must match, and must be complex enough to satisfy the usual requirements)

* There’s a Help button at the top of this screen in case you get stuck.

Scratch Day

Scratch Day is a global network of events where people gather to celebrate Scratch, the free coding platform and online community for kids. Scratch Day events bring together young people from the Scratch community to share projects, learn from each other, and welcome newcomers.

This year’s celebration is during the month of May. Look for a Scratch Day in your community, or organize your own!

(Note: Locally, a Scratch Day event is schedule for May 13, 2017 at Vernier Software in Beaverton, OR. Scratch Day for Educators with Vernier Software & Technology )

If you would like to use Scratch in your classroom, please follow the link below to learn about setting up a classroom account. Scratch Classroom Accounts

Chromebook Tip – Two Windows Side By Side

I was recently in a classroom and a student inquired as to how to display two windows side by side on her Chromebook. After a bit of fiddling and window resizing we got the result she wanted. After some discussion we decided there had to be a better way, and as a result of a Google search, we found it. The video below demonstrates how to easily do this using the MAXIMIZE button at the top of the window in the Chrome browser on a Chromebook.