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Do you need time and support to plan units that your kids will engage in and care about?

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My students have Chromebooks, now what?

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Develop your skills in supporting students with social-emotional and cognitive learning needs in this session: Structures, Systems, and Routines to Create a Calm Classroom out of Life’s Chaos

Join us on November 20 & 21st at the EPS Academy at Cascade Middle School to get exactly what you need; and earn up to fourteen clock hours doing it!


OnebyOne 2018!


August 14, 15 & 16


Dates have been set and the planning is beginning for OnebyOne 2018!

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Mark your calendars and plan to join the excitement on August 14, 15 & 16th, 2018.

November EPS Academy Registration Open Now

Register now for the November 20 & 21 EPS Academy!

EPS Learning Academy sessions are designed to deepen and refine practice around core areas of work. Learning design sessions will provide teachers with strategies for designing personalized learning experiences for students as well as supported work time for unit planning.  Also included in the academy are sessions on Social Emotional Learning, Number Routines, Seesaw, and Chromebooks in the Classroom.

You won’t want to miss the EPS Un-Conference on November 21st!

At this participant driven event, you will have the opportunity to dig into learning that is meaningful to you.  When you arrive, propose any topic you wish! Topics from participant suggestions will be used and turned into Un-conference sessions. Depending on the suggestions, topics could range from social emotional learning to technology to math, and anywhere in-between! There will be several educators at the Un-conference who are willing and ready to lead sessions. You can come and lead, or just add to your learning, your choice. Looking forward to collaborating with you at the EPS Un-Conference!

EPS Academy is a voluntary professional development opportunity. 14 clock hours will be offered.

Join Us for the Educator Development Series on Wednesday!

The Educator Development Series. It’s not just for new teachers!  The series is designed to facilitate learning for teachers who desire to shore up their foundational knowledge and skills. Personally, I am an educator who is always in need of shoring up in at least a couple of areas!

The series is hosted monthly at Cascade Middle School. This Wednesday, choose from a variety of breakout sessions including Elementary Reader’s Workshop, NCTM’s Effective Math Teaching Practices for Secondary, and much more.  Feel free to join us for any part of the series that fits your specific need, or sign up for all of it! This is a voluntary professional development opportunity. Clock hours are available if at least three hours or more of the series are attended throughout the year.

Meeting a Rock Star

A few years ago Eddie Vedder threw me his tambourine during a concert. I like to fantasize that he picked me out of the crowd because my praying mantis-like dance movements caught his eye; in reality I just out-jumped the people around me to snag it spinning in the air above our heads. Still, I felt connected to my musical idol in a way I never had before. (Humor me here.)  Continue reading “Meeting a Rock Star”

The Power of Story: Be the Light

I loved hearing Kristin Ziemke’s keynote about the power of story. During her talk, she said, “If we keep people at the center of what we do, we can make a difference.”

In the spirit of telling our stories, I overheard a conversation that caught my attention today:

A tall man in shorts stood in line in front of me at Starbucks this morning. He looked to be somewhere in his late 50’s. From just behind me another man spoke, “You must be back to work today.”

The man in shorts replied in a tone of drudgery, “Yes, this is my first day back. The four words I hate most are, ‘Welcome Back to School.’ Only two more years left of this.”

My heart sank at his words. I felt an ache of sadness for the man; then in an instant my sadness turned to real concern as I thought of the students who would have to endure his classrooms for the next two years. I screamed silently, “QUIT NOW!! Don’t do this to kids!”

Thankfully, most of our teachers are exuberantly excited to be back with kids! But I wonder, how many of our teachers are where this man is today? Can we intervene with support and hope that will trickle down to students?

Each student deserves and needs hope at school. Hopeless teachers cannot instill hope in kids. It is our moral imperative to rally around each other with hope and optimism for the sake of our students. We need to reach each teacher exactly where they’re at with truth and with hope. And the truth is 100 percent of kids are awesome. (Kristin Ziemke) We might even need to face where we are ourselves and seek help. Principals, coaches, teacher leaders, PLC members, please re-consider Building a Culture of Hope with an eye focused on teachers who need us.

Be the light for a teacher who needs you.

My wish is that my grandson’s teacher will be filled with hope and optimism, and that his classroom will an amazing place where kids are supported, loved, and excited about learning.